About Us


Woofur presents NuWoof, Nourishing and Nurturing our Pets with what Nature intended.
Starting with Nourish, Our treats are carefully handcrafted to supply what is necessary for your pet’s life, health, and growth. To Nurture our pets by only giving them the finest top-quality treats and chews. Last but not least, feeding our furry loved ones exactly how Nature intended with locally sourced ingredients right from Mother Earth herself. What differentiates us from others is our high-quality, natural, grain-free, gluten and GMO-free, food & treats that come ONLY from locally sourced ingredients. Our vision is simple, we want the absolute BEST for your dog, their nutrition, health, and overall vitality! We created NuWoof because we saw a huge gap in today’s natural pet nutrition industry. NuWoof’s top priority is to ensure 100% natural and holistic healing for pets of all shapes and sizes.
Our products are carefully hand-crafted at our Toronto, ON Canada facility.
We select only the finest, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and top nutritional value for your pet's best optimal health benefits.
Our promise to you is to ensure 100% natural and holistic health benefits in every bite!
We offer a vast selection of treats, chews, and frozen foods. Each one is curated to meet every pet’s particular set of needs and concerns. 
Whether your dog lacks minerals, vitamins, dental hygiene, or liver and gut support, our treats are designed to aid in strengthening and lengthening your pet’s life!
We genuinely care for each one of your pets, and want nothing more than a long happy life for them! Here’s to Nuwoof, a new beginning to natural care you can trust!