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NuWoof - Banana Chip Treats - 60g

NuWoof - Banana Chip Treats - 60g

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A perfect treat for your little monkey! These chips mean no monkey business, each one packed full of potassium for heart health, fiber for digestion, and vitamins B6 and C for overall vitality. Each Banana Chip also aids in promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat, with every delicious bite!

-Slow dried for best flavour
-Low calorie treat
-Great natural source of Potassium & Vitamin B6, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
-Vitamin B6 also helps to improve brain function, which aids in cognitive capacity.
-Contains Potassium, which can help to reduce loss of calcium from bones
-Contains Magnesium, which supports healthy bone growth & is important for muscle maintenance.
-Contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps dogs resist illness & recover faster.
-Source of Biotin and Copper
-Low in cholesterol & sodium

Ingredients: Bananas

Weight: 60g

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