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NuWoof - Rehmannia Eight Herbal Supplement 25g or 50g

NuWoof - Rehmannia Eight Herbal Supplement 25g or 50g

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Many things can drain your vital energy; these include aging‚ illness‚ a sedentary lifestyle‚ an unbalanced diet‚ or even just the stress of modern life. A lack of energy can also increase the amount of recovery time you need from illness.

Eastern medicine is concerned with restoring your energy‚ health‚ and vitality‚ promoting life as opposed to concentrating on illness. Chinese healers, for example, ‚ don’t treat the digestive system‚ circulatory system‚ or nervous system in isolation. Instead‚ look at the balance of qualities throughout your body which may indicate blockages in the flow of your energy. Clearing these blockages is thought to restore health and vitality to the body.

In clearing blockages and restoring energy‚ traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners often consider these factors:

  • Yin—is associated with cold‚ downward movement‚ and dampness.
  • Yang—represents heat‚ upward movement‚ and dryness.
  • Qi—comes from food‚ air‚ and your ancestors; it’s thought to be used up as you age‚ at a rate determined by the balance and movement of essential qualities.

These factors are represented in herbal combinations‚ which may clear the blockages and restore health. Health Concerns’ Rehmannia 8™ is a special proprietary blend of Rehmannia and seven other powerful‚ energizing herbs. This combination of modern research and ancient wisdom‚ also known as Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (“The Golden Book”)‚ regulates yang imbalance and stimulates qi energy for a holistic solution to help relieve fatigue and disorders associated with aging.

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